Month: August 2016

Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids Self Defense and Martial Arts

In this modern world with unprovoked assaults happening everywhere on our streets they need to have self-defence skills are becoming strongly important. The dilemma is with your children, when is the right time to get your Kids Self-Defence Classes? I say as early as possible, from about 9 or 10 years, earlier if they seem like they can handle it.

•Health and fitness – practicing martial arts and self-defence is a great exercise which of course leads to a healthy and fit body. Your kids will have better immune systems and be able to handle getting sick better.


•Discipline – Learning a martial art takes great self-discipline, and a good instructor will enforce good discipline as well. I remember when I was younger and turned up late to class, I was made to do 20 press ups in front of the whole class before I could join in. I certainly was never late again! It will also give your child the skills to ignore name-calling and provocation from their fellow classmates and avert getting into fights in the first place.

•Confidence – Knowing how to defend oneself gives an enormous feeling of self-empowerment and hence will improve your child’s self-esteem and confidence levels. They will be much outgoing and will be more likely to stick up for themselves and others.

•Social Skills – The practice of self-defence and Kobudo Lessons is a very interactive process so develops great social skills. It will set them up with friends for life.

Martial Arts and Self Defence classes are a great idea for your kids and would encourage anyone with children to get them involved.