Month: September 2016

Importance of Kids and Adult Self-Defence Lessons

Often a question can be asked as to what is the need of self defence classes, irrespective of whether they are for elders or juniors. As far as kids are concerned, these classes have completely different benefits and they have different benefits to offer. In this post, we’ll mull upon the benefits of adults self-defence lessons, but the first point is that these classes are to be given by a trained and an experienced instructor.

Improves overall physical fitness and coordination

  • One of the biggest aspects of adult’s self-defence classes is that they improve the overall activeness and performance.
  • These classes improve the loco motor, non-loco motor and other kinds of movements and also, gross motor skills.
  • This results into an overall improved holistic approach towards life, physicality and overall fitness.
  • The kids get the benefit in the form of improved coordination, strength, agility, balance, flexibility, strength, cardio condition, speed, reactive and finally, the bursting power.
  • These movements can be a significant in long-term, especially for those who are already hyperactive.

Teaches concentration, discipline and overall coordination

  • Apart from concentration, these BJJ classes help a lot by teaching discipline, respect and self-control.
  • This is because the first thing taught to the students is to follow the master and only on this vow, they are permitted in these classes.

Helps develop confidence

In these adults self-defence lessons, elders as well as children are constantly taught new skills and each one is more challenging than the previous. However, one thing common with these arts is that all of them teach self-confidence and control. This self-control and discipline is demonstrated in various aspects of their lives.

Other benefits include –

  • Develops assertiveness, tenacity and determination
  • Develops communication, listening and social skills
  • Teaches nutrition, anatomy and hygiene
  • Teaches spatial concepts
  • Teaches awareness of danger
  • Teaches gentle solutions to bullying and rough play
  • Helps kids to stay safe and avoid accidents