Kobudo Classes

Different Benefits of Going for Kobudo Lessons

Different forms of martial arts have become hugely popular in the past two decades, but one art that has gained unexpected popularity is the Kobudo. The reason is the benefits that are actually almost identical with the benefits of other arts, but the art in itself is completely different and has contributed a lot in the popularity. In this post, we look at the benefits of joining Kobudo classes.


Improvement in body strength

  • The biggest difference between this art and others is that apart from improving the skills, the learner experiences huge improvement or augmentation in his/her body strength.
  • This art will make you fall in love with the fitness aspect of the body.

Improved mental strength

  • This benefit of kobudo lessons is very common as this is the general aim of learning all such arts.
  • The biggest reason behind this benefit being prevailing here is that in this art, the students are taught to set goals, concentrate upon them and achieve them.
  • This improves their concentration level and determination power to achieve short-term goals initially and then, concentrating upon long-term goals as well.

Responsiveness and awareness

  • Another benefit of joining Kobudo classes is that your mental as well as physical responsiveness goes at exceptional heights.
  • This is completely the result of improved mental awareness as well as physical fitness that you get more aware of the thing and actions taking place around you.

Strength in character

  • Another benefit of being the part of Kobudo classes is that you develop as a more conscientious human being with a stronger character.
  • Your confidence would grow and the effect would be visible in your decision-making, as you will be taking more sagacious, conscientious and thought-upon decisions.
  • Kobudo lessons help you develop the strength of your body and mind.
  • Your speed of response and awareness will also increase with time as Kobudo lessons ultimately strengthen your character.

Weapons You Can Learn At Kobudo Classes

Kobudo is basically a weapon based martial art that originated in the early 19th century from Okinawa – An island in South Japan. The popularity of this art has seen immense rise in the past two decades and this is why you will see various organizations and institutions offering Kobudo classes.

As far as these classes are concerned, the Kobudo lessons taught there are very exclusive and involve learning the following weapons.

Kobudo Bo

  • This is the most important weapon to be taught about in these classes.
  • It is basically a 6 feet long staff and can be shorter or longer as well.
  • It could be made up hard materials like red or white oak and in some cases, of flexible materials too like bamboo, pine or rattan.
  • The art of using this Bo is given the name of Bojutsu and it can be ornated with stripes of metal along its sides with specialized grips in the mid.


  • It is a three-pronged truncheon that has blunt ends.
  • The two short ends are used for taping and breaking other weapons like Bo, sword, etc.


  • This weapon is almost similar to side-handled baton and can be welded with one in each hand. The technique used in its application is almost like fighting empty handedly.


  • This very popular weapon involves two pieces of wood or metal attached to each other with a chord.
  • In the advanced version, this chord has been replaced by a stainless steel chain.
  • The Chinese design is rounded, while the Okinawan is octagonal.
  • It was popularized in Bruce Lee movies and is now common at the dojos.


  • This weapon is a kind of farming sickle and has a relatively short handle with curved blade at the end.
  • It is relatively more difficult to learn, but with the expert staff of Kobudo classes, you can learn using it like an expert.

Other very common weapons that you can learn operating thorough the kobudo lessons are – Tekko and Surujin.